San Carlo Junior School
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Sport’s day 2017 Some of our highlights from Active week Second Class 1. My favourite part of sports day was the novelty races. By Róisín 2. I loved the water relay because you dress up in swimming stuff and I got wet. By Abby 3. I liked the Space Hopper race the best because I think Space Hoppers are really fun. By Sophie 4. I liked the GAA because I scored a goal. By Cian 5. My favourite thing was the GAA, the same as Cian. By Stephen 6. My favourite thing was the novelty races because there were lots in one. By Lauren 7. My favourite thing was the novelty races because there were a lot of fun things. By Aoife 8. I really liked the running relays on Sports day because I like to run. By Conor H 9. My favourite things were the water relay and the space hopper relay because they were fun. By Gerard 10. The best part of sports day was the GAA because everyone scored a goal.By Robertas 11. I really liked GAA because it was fun. By Kessiah 12. My favourite thing was seeing my station. By Sean 13. I liked the space hoppers, the water relay and novelty races. By David 14. My favourite part was when we raised up the flag and loved the novelty races.By Delia 15. On sports day my favourite thing was water relay and GAA. By Ciara 16. I liked the Just Dance. By Conor N 17. I had fun. My favourite was the flag ceremony and GAA because I scored 3 goals. By Daniel 18. I liked GAA because I scored twice. I also liked the water relay because I got a bit wet. By Alex 19. I liked the water relay.It was so much fun. Everyone had different teams. By Avram 20. Active week was fun because all we did was sports. I really liked just dance. I liked it because I love dancing to songs. By Ryan